NAYS RVN (RAVEN) C-13 all sizes

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The RVN is a high action curly tail. High-frequency vibrations are already generated with light weights and low speed. The RVN can be used for a variety of finesse methods like Texas-, Carolina-, Drop-Shot-Rig and many more. The high-frequency tail makes the RVN an ideal trailer for spinnerbaits like the MZ RNNR

– high action movement
– Shrimp flavour
– No toxic plasticizers
– Available in eight colors and four sizes

RVN 30

 – package contents: nine pieces

– 7,6cm
– 1,5g


RVN 40

 – package contents: seven pieces

– 10,2cm
– 3,3g


RVN 50

 – package contents: five pieces

– 12,7cm
– 6,8g


RVN 60

 – package contents: four pieces

– 15,2cm
– 9,3g

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